HAMMOND PORTABLES The HAMMOND B-3™ organ and its siblings such as the C-3™ and A-100™ remains the single most influential keyboard instrument in musical history, perhaps apart from the grand piano. When paired with the spinning Leslie® speaker, the HAMMOND’s sonic versatility found its place in every genre of music from Rock to Soul to […]
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Console Organs

Hammond Console Organs The King Of Instruments. Laurens Hammond intended his Organ to be a convenient and economic replacement for pipe organs in Churches, Studios, and Homes. Little did he realize the revolution in music his invention would engender. Combined with Don Leslie’s brilliant and eponymous speaker system, an immortal voice was launched, resonating in […]
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Kicking Pedals! Those long sticks under Organ Consoles aren’t the impenetrable wall they seem. They provide the thunder, they provide the push, they are the “crown” of  the “King Of Instruments”. Even for the Jazzers and Gospel players who mostly execute their bass lines on the manuals, their feet are doing a dance on the […]
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Leslie Speakers   Don Leslie loved the (then) new Hammond Organ, but found the tone a little “square’. He wished the Hammond to sound more like his beloved “Mighty WurliTzer” Theatre Pipe Organ. Being a seasoned and skilled inventor, he imagined utilizing a principle called the “Doppler Effect”-(It’s why a train whistle seems to go […]
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Accessories & Parts

HAMMOND ORGAN & LESLIE SPEAKER ACCESSORIES & PARTS In order to keep your Hammond Organ and Leslie speaker sounding it’s very best, and to provide the reliability that Hammond and Leslie Speakers are noted for, we encourage you only to use genuine Hammond and Leslie parts. The use of after market parts in your Hammond/Leslie […]
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