Kicking Pedals

Those long sticks under Organ Consoles aren’t the impenetrable wall they seem. They provide the thunder, they provide the push, they are the “crown” of  the “King Of Instruments”. Even for the Jazzers and Gospel players who mostly execute their bass lines on the manuals, their feet are doing a dance on the Pedal Clavier. Sometimes reinforcing the bass while both hands are illuminating a harmony. Or often “Thumping” four-on-the-floor like a bass drum, propelling the groove and nailing it down. For a classical player or Hammond Pop aficionado, the Pedals are an essential element of any performance. If you already have a bass player, pedals aren’t there to replace them. It allows you to “have your bass player’s back” when he wants to step out and not have the bottom of your sound drop out. Kicking Pedals add an exclamation mark to any music you play, they’re the cherry on top of a final grand chord, and the foundation of the massive Hammond tone we all want to command.

P.S. – You may see the term “Pedal CLAVIER” That’s “Organ-Speak” for “Pedalboard” or “Foot Pedals”.

XPK-130G/200GL Onboard Voice Demo

The XPK-130G and XPK-200GL have onboard voices allowing you to play them away from your Hammond.