Hammond Console Organs

The King Of Instruments. Laurens Hammond intended his Organ to be a convenient and economic replacement for pipe organs in Churches, Studios, and Homes. Little did he realize the revolution in music his invention would engender. Combined with Don Leslie’s brilliant and eponymous speaker system, an immortal voice was launched, resonating in every corner of the globe. The “classic” Hammond era from 1934 to 1974 produced the instruments of legend. Mr. Manji Suzuki dedicated his company to bringing those legends back to life for the 21st Century and beyond, doing so in a way that all who wished to play a genuine Hammond Organ could do so. Our range of Console Hammonds and Leslie Speakers are the pinnacle of our art, designed and engineered with precision, faithful to the original blueprints, design notes and spirit of Laurens Hammond and Donald Leslie.

There is no substitute!

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If you are a Church looking for more information...

Our Church Advisory Team has all your answers about which Hammond/Leslie is right for your Church, and how you can afford it. We have 77 years of experience behind us in providing the voice of worship, and full line of instruments that honor and perpetuate the Hammond legacy. No matter what denomination, no matter how large or small your building and no matter which style of musical custom your church follows, there is a Hammond organ for you.

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