Model XPK-200GL

The “Long Stick” Pedalboard

20 Note MIDI Pedalboard with Built-in Sounds

Hammond players who play “console” organs like the vintage B-3, C-3 or A-100 are accustomed to the onboard 25 note pedalboard, but some find those pedal claviers heavy and bulky to move about. The 20-note XPK-200GL pedalboard provides a great alternative, with its “long stick” design. Connect it via MIDI and play the classic Bass Pedal sounds found onboard every modern Hammond. A mounting bracket for the optional Hammond Swell Pedals [EXP-100f / EXP-50/EXP-50J] is included in the packageIf you wish to use this pedalboard situated below an electric piano/other keyboard or even by itself, connect the XPK-200GL to an appropriate amp and use one of the 5 built-in sounds. Either way, you’ll get to the bottom of your bass needs!

Please note-The XPK-200GL will NOT retrofit to play the pedal voices of a vintage, mechanical Hammond

XPK-200G Sound Demo