The Hammond B-3 mk2

The KING Of Instruments

The B-3mk2 is the latest incarnation of the “King Of Instruments”. Every facet, every detail, every nuance of the classic B-3, inside and out, has been painstakingly replicated using the most sophisticated digital technology. No matter which “branch” of the Hammond family you are from-Gospel, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Blues, Soul or Country; you will find the touch, feel and sound of the B-3mk2 as familiar as any B-3 you’ve ever played. We apologize you will not catch the familiar scent of generator oil (the digital components don’t need it), nor will you pause to remember the starting protocol (although there are the familiar dual “start/run” switches right where you expect them-we’ll leave the surprise to you when you discover what the “start” switch does!). You won’t hear the motor grinding inside, and happily, you won’t need a team of burly grips to move the B-3. You will, however, find all the controls exactly where they should be, and the keyboards, drawbars, presets, pedals and swell pedal will behave in the manner you have come to know and love. All you have to do is take the bench and let your music flow. “Out of the box”, it’s the best B-3 you’ve ever played, but if you want to take that “21st century” thing seriously, pull out the small drawer lurking under the right side of the key-desk and tailor the B-3mk2 to your precise desire.

They say “they don’t build ’em like they used to”.
Well, yes we do…

Hammond B-3 mk2 Demo Videos