15″ Woofer

This high-powered custom designed woofer is a direct replacement for the woofer used in tube-type Leslies model 122, 122A, 122XB, 147, and 147A.

16 Ohm: Part number 514-052308

8 Ohm: Part number 014-046438

4 Ohm: Part number 514-031070


100 Watt Driver (16 ohm)

This custom-designed, ultra high-powered Ferro Fluid Driver is designed for exceptional sound quality and long life. It is a direct replacement for the drivers used in most horn Leslie speakers, except 925. Plate is needed to adapt to older Leslie driver without a threaded throat. 

Part number 315-08015 (without plate)

Part number 315-08015-A (with plate)


6″ x 9″ Speaker (8 ohm)

This high quality, custom designed speaker is a direct replacement for the speaker used in stationary-type speakers, such as the 935 organ, and Leslie models 750, 723, 716, 912, 914, 812, and 814.

Part number 514-138879-1


Piezo Tweeter

This high quality tweeter is a direct replacement for the tweeter used in organ models XH-272, XH-273, XT-172, XT-173, XT-272, XT-273, 926 and 935. This tweeter is also used in Leslie models 812 and 814.

Part number 014-059399


Rotating Horn (For all Leslies)

This horn fits all vintage Leslies with small pulley.

Part number 514-140436


Horn with Large Pulley

This horn with large pulley is used for all Leslies using single motor with 2 speed operation, which includes 122A, 147A, 912, 914, 812, 814, 750, 723 and older 315, 415, 422, 615, 840.

Part number 514-140436 and 522-141154 (must order both)


Foam Rotor Balanced

Used in many Leslies with 15″ rotors from 760 to current models.

Part number 543-137588-1