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Heritage 122H
Heritage 142H

Now you can own a piece of history

“B-3 and a Leslie”. Four words that conjure a sound, a feeling, and a musical story reaching every genre, and has been doing so for over eighty years. Nearly as compelling is the ongoing treasure hunt to find the “best” examples of these antique instruments. Tales of uncovering pristine pieces in an elderly lady’s apartment; or thrift store gems abound. An entire folklore hinges on the search and acquisition of perfect examples, with the sweetest tone and most elegant cabinets. As the years progress, these masterpieces are evermore elusive.

In 2002, Hammond-Suzuki shattered musician’s minds with the release of the “New B-3”, precisely capturing the sound, appearance, and most importantly, the feel of the original Organ. This was not an imitation, it was the real deal reborn. Long live the King of Instruments.


And every King needs his Queen.


Hammond-Suzuki’s Leslie division introduces two special/deluxe-edition Leslie Speakers designed to match the prized antiques. The Heritage Models 122H and 142H are the pinnacle of our craftsmanship, born through years of research; and dedication to accuracy, authenticity and attention to detail. Consulting the original blueprints, engineer’s notes, meticulous evaluation of prime antique Leslies, and memories of discussions with Don Leslie himself; Hammond-Suzuki’s team has created works of art worthy of the legend. As beautiful to the ear as they are to the eye, these premium Leslie Speakers fill the exacting needs of the most discerning musician, be it hobbyist or pro. The search for perfection is over.


The 122H is a full-size traditional Leslie, and the 142H is a traditional “low-boy” cabinet, not available in many years. The components are identical in each cabinet. In order to reproduce the classic design, we have selected fine lumber core for the cabinets, as used in the antiques. A new high-compression horn driver and new massive 15” woofer are installed; both reviving qualities found in elder versions. The bass rotor is constructed of wood, in the classic shape, and the horn rotor has been created in the original’s specification. Both of these rotor components are being produced in very limited numbers, and are exclusive to the Heritage series only. 


As one might imagine, these premium speakers, while holding to classic construction still provide modern conveniences. The motors driving the moving elements are brushless DC servo. They are not affected by power frequency or voltage fluctuations. The rise, fall and rotor speeds are freely adjustable. The connections include a modern 11-pin and 1/4” line input  jacks. A 6-pin input allows vintage Hammonds with 5 or 6 pin terminals easy access. A 1/4” jack for foot pedal speed control is also provided. Please consult the product specification for further features.


Perhaps the Heritage model’s most notable modern convenience is their ability to switch between a “122-style”  and a “147-style” tube preamp.  The power amp serving both preamps is a 40 watt tube variety, matching the output of classic Leslie cabinets.


The construction of the Heritage cabinets has been modeled on the original design, employing original-style louvers. You’ll find the iconic “Leslie” decal near the top front. On the rear side, you’ll find an information plate in the spirit of the original “Electro-Voice” plate, with the model and serial number there. Remove the screws, and you’ll find a control panel allowing the adjustment of rotor speeds. It’s placed there to prevent accidental jarring of your custom settings.

In summation, the Heritage 122H and 142H bring back instruments thought lost in time, and truly express Hammond-Suzuki’s motto: “The Sound, The Soul, The One”

Leslie Heritage Series Photos