The Expression Pedal of Classic Hammonds had a very unique response or “curve”. 

No other Expression/Volume pedal has ever matched it’s unique feel. Many Hammond Players have developed their styles with regard to this. The Exp-100f is the same size, has the same “feel”, and most importantly, has the same “curve” as the Classic B-3. 

The EXP-100f also features a programmable “Kick Switch” for a variety of functions including Leslie Speed.
Every Hammond player will feel right at home with this pedal.

The EXP-100f is designed to operate only with the XK-5, XK-3c, XK-3, XK-2, XE-1, and XE-2; although the “Kick Switch” function will not operate with the XK-2.

All of the mentioned instruments are “default” set to accept this pedal.

The EXP-100f connects to your Hammond with its attached cable. It has a very heavy duty metal construction.

It cannot be used with any other instrument except the Hammonds listed above.