About Our Demos

Hammond Artist COLIN PETERIK 

At the Jam Lab

Tim Bales trademark photo

Videographer TIM BALES

Our demos are designed to show our Instruments in action, without studio sweetening, and played in real time. Most of these demos are “First Take”, with no editing for sound or performance change. Recording of our instruments are made “direct”, with any reverbs or delays provided by the instrument itself. No outboard effects are added. The 2-track masters are treated with Mastering Software for optimum fidelity and response. Our intention is to capture performances on our instruments “live” as you would hear them if you were in the studio.

The Jam Lab Brookfield, Illinois, USA www.thejamlab.net • Colin Peterik-Engineer
Happy Pig Kitchens-Berwyn, Illinois, USA, www.scottmaymusic • Scott May-Engineer
World Stage Studios-Burr Ridge, Illinois, USA • Larry Millas-Engineer

Steven Eaklor Studio-Glen Ellyn, Illinois USA • Steven Eaklor-Engineer

Tim Bales Films-www.timbalesfilm.com • Tim Bales