Red Young on the Road


Our great Artist RED YOUNG has a cool story-here it is in his own words:

“During SXSW in March, I got a call from Steve Berlin, who just produced Marcia Ball’s latest with me on B3, asking if I was open Thursday night.  I said what you got?  “SXSW Auditorium Shores playing with Los Lobos” they were headlining.  David Hidalgo was someplace else and they needed to fill out the band.  I said I’ll be there.  What are we playing? “You’ll hear it…” Never met Cesar Rojas or any of the other guys and only met Cesar just before we went onstage.  Two numbers go by and on the third Cesar gave me a solo.  Next thing I knew I’m soloing on every song and we even did Oye Como Va, She’s About A Mover, La Bamba (with a middle section of Good Lovin’) and many other tunes.  Many thousands of screaming appreciative fans. I brought my XK5 and used my 142 leslie. It Screamed!  Many heads turned at the sound and many questions ensued from various keyboard players. And Cesar wanted my number…
In this business you never know where and when that next call will come from.
Thanks Hammond!”

Thanks Red! They got the right guy!!

Here’s Red’s Schedule
Schedule (regular gigs):
Continental Club Gallery (Austin) Every Wednesday 10:30pm-1:30am
Antones (Austin) every Thursday / Red Young & His Hot Horns 6:30-9pm
Elephant Room (twice a month)

July 12-15: Ottawa Blues Festival
Sept 6-9: Big Blues Bender (Las Vegas)
Sept 27-Oct 1 Caloundra Music Festival, Australia

and for further info:

Emiko on Las Vegas Morning News!

EMIKO on Las Vegas TV Morning News

If you’re in the LAS VEGAS area, tune in KVVU “FOX 5” TV Friday Morning (4/6/18) to catch our own EMIKO performing live, and saying a word about the I BELIEVE YOU project.
Of course she’ll be playing her HAMMOND Sk1-73!!!
And in the afternoon (2pm) She’ll be at the SAM ASH Store (2747 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89109) for her fabulous SONGWRITING CLINIC.
It’s a #hamfam Daily Double with a top payoff in Vegas with Emiko!!
Click HERE for more on Las Vegas “Fox 5”

IK Multimedia releases LESLIE Collection

IK Multimedia releases the LESLIE Collection

Software giant IK MULTIMEDIA announces the first fruit of their collaboration with HAMMOND USA and HAMMOND-SUZUKI. It’s the LESLIE COLLECTION for IK’s award-winning AmpiTube and T-rackS Plug-ins. This is the first time an officially-branded LESLIE software product has been offered, and we couldn’t be prouder of the results. Choose the Amp section you desire and pair it with its matching cabinet, or swap either for new combinations. In the AmpliTube range, you can even choose any of the virtual Amp “Heads” in your AmpliTube browser and run them through a Leslie “Cabinet”; or use the Leslie “Amps” into your choice of traditional speaker cabinets. Deep Editing is a breeze, and the user-interface is a snap to learn. The graphics are totally cool as well. the Models (Amps and Cabinets) represented are: 122, 122a, 147, 3300 and the G37/Studio 12. You can purchase the entire suite, or the individual models of your choice. The Software works with all major DAW’s.

AmpliTube Leslie® is the result of the exclusive collaboration between the IK Multimedia team and Hammond USA and Suzuki Music Corp. of Japan with the aim of perfectly recreating, for the first time ever, the truly authentic sound of the legendary Leslie® amps and cabinets in the digital world. Thanks to the powerful combination of IK’s breakthrough Dynamic Interaction Modeling™ and Volumetric Response Modeling™ technologies, which can reproduce the subtlest interactions of an electronic circuit down to its tiniest component and recreate the real acoustic behavior of rotary-speaker cabinets, the IK and Hammond teams succeeded where all the others had to inevitably compromise.

The outcome is not a mere emulation of reality, no matter how close to the original it might be, it is rather an exacting digital recreation of it, carrying the official Leslie® seal as a guarantee of the indisputable excellence of what is the definitive Leslie collection for the most discerning producers, composers, keyboardists, guitarists and creative singers.

AmpliTube Leslie brings you the authentic, certified sounds of 5 Leslie Amps and 6 Leslie rotary-speaker cabinets that you can use to record in your DAW or to play live, taking advantage of AmpliTube’s world-class 64-bit processing.

Now it’s simple to take any instrument (or…anything that can be picked up with a microphone) in your studio “for a spin”.

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ADAM PRYOR nominated for Award

Adam Pryor nabs Nomination

CONGRATULATIONS to Hammond Artist ADAM PRYOR on his nomination for Wisconsin Keyboard Player Of The Year in this year’s WAMI awards. The 19-year old Blues Whiz has been getting around, and we wish him well at the upcoming April 15 Ceremonies.
Follow this link for more information.

Chicago Magic Lounge features new Xk-5 Pro System

Chicago Magic Lounge and their new Xk-5 Pro System

Hammond Artists to be featured weekly

The Chicago Magic Lounge holds it’s grand opening weekend February 22-24, 2018. A tribute to the days of Chicago’s close-up magic bars, the Chicago Magic Lounge hosts three separate performance areas: a magic bar, featuring sleight-of-hand plus signature cocktails, the Harry Blackstone Cabaret for large stage shows, and the 654 Club, a rarely-seen venue for intimate close-up magic.

Shows include close-up magic at your table from our strolling magicians, in addition to musical director and Hammond artist John Sturk accompanying the show on the Hammond XK-5.

“Our philosophy from the beginning has been to do things right,” said Sturk. “That’s why we decided to put an XK-5 in our theater. It’s the best in the business.”

Magic is the centerpiece of the Chicago Magic Lounge’s programming, but Monday and Tuesday nights also offer more live music. Chicago musicians featured for “Music and Magic” will include Rio Bamba, which has been featured on local television for it’s blend of latin rhythms; Chris Foreman, the Hammond B3 master known for his long-standing residency at The Green Mill; newcomers E-Line Organ Trio, led by Sturk; and Hammond artist Justin Dillard with his organ trio.

SKX Slider 6

SKX Slider 5

Hammond Artist MATTHEW WHITAKER on the TODAY show

Hammond Artist

    Matthew Whitaker

NBC Television’s TODAY show has launched a new series, Boys Changing the World, beginning with a profile of Hammond Artist Matthew Whitaker, a gifted 16-year-old who is blind and is being called the next Stevie Wonder. The Hammond Family is proud of Matthew and all his achievements.

Follow THIS LINK to see the Today show segment



His legacy spans over five decades, and he has influenced some of the most 
well-known rock bands and musicians. Mark Stein is known as the voice, keyboardist and music arranger of the classic rock band Vanilla Fudge. 
His new group, The Mark Stein Project continues to share his music, passion and stories. 

Touted by critics as one of the great voices in Rock—alongside of Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner—The Mark Stein Project is a night of great music & storytelling. Discover a place where a song leads to a story, and a story leads to a song. More than just a singer/musician, Stein is a skilled entertainer, with the talent and charisma to take the crowd along for a wonderful ride of the classic rock experience. 
Stein has shared whiskey with Janis Joplin, sung with Michael Jackson, toured with Jimi Hendrix, and witnessed the dawn of Led Zeppelin. His firsthand storytelling that reflects on the history of rock gives the audience a “You are There” feeling that can only be told by someone who has lived it. 
The debut album:Vanilla Fudge was the first of its kind to reach the top 10 on Billboard charts without a hit single. “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” was released one year later and went to #1 on most radio playlists, both in America and all over the World! The psychedelic symphonic rock sound of the band was spearheaded by the Hammond organ & vocal style of Mark Stein. “The Fudge” have been heralded by critics as the doorway between pop music and Progressive Rock. Bands including Deep Purple, Yes, Uriah Heep and even Led Zeppelin have said that Vanilla Fudge had a profound influence on them. 
Rolling Stone magazine wrote: “There was nothing, even in 1967, like the 10-ton shock of this Long Island quartet’s cover of the Supremes You Keep Me Hanging On, with the lava-flow sustain of Mark Stein’s Hammond organ…” 
Stein has toured and/or recorded, and appeared throughout his career with Dave Mason, Tommy Bolin, Alice Cooper, The Doors, Deep Purple, Rod Stewart, Carl Palmer (in a tribute to Keith Emerson), and Michael Jackson. 
The Mark Stein Project will be releasing a new EP & Video to be released in 2018; stay tuned for more details.
2/1/18:Daryl’s House Club, Pawling, NY
2/2/18:Bull Run, Shirley, Mass.
More dates to be added

Emiko Releases of New Music Video Highlighting Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Hammond Artist Emiko has released a new music video today giving voice to survivors of sexual assault. Called “I Believe You”,
the video accompanies the launch of the “I Believe You Project” which brings together
everyday survivors of sexual abuse, assault, harassment, and misconduct to tell their stories
and be heard.
In the wake of all the incidences of sexual abuse, assault, harassment, and misconduct
coming to light via Hollywood, both “I Believe You” the video and the project aim not only to
raise awareness of these issues, but to ultimately stop them from happening.
The 24 people who appear in the “I Believe You” video are themselves survivors and/or
supporters of survivors and were gathered in one week, all volunteering their time and
energy to speak out through this medium. Emiko and the I Believe You Project are currently
in talks to partner with domestic violence organizations to create a platform from which
survivors can share their stories and experience belief, support, and find resources.
Of the song and the whole project, Emiko remarks, “I wrote this song as a catharsis, really –
back in July. Through my own experience surviving sexual assault and fighting for my voice
to be heard, I found that countless women, children – and yes, some men – were disbelieved
on a tremendous proportion. I was stunned. Coming forward with information of this nature
takes a tremendous amount of courage, especially after going through it; to be disbelieved is
like being kicked when you’re already down. I was just overwhelmed to learn how many
people go through this on a daily basis. It’s way too common and I want to break the stigma,
the shame, and the fear of surviving sexual assault and it seemed to me the first step was to
actually believe people who came forward and it was clear many other survivors feel the
same way. So bottom line is this: just because someone doesn’t believe you, doesn’t mean it
didn’t happen.”

You can watch the video HERE: