We Get Fan Mail!!


We get Fan Mail!

It’s always nice to check the social media here at Hammond USA HQ and see happy posts from any of our nearly 300 Official HamFam Artists. We thought we’d share one from John W.F. Goode who writes:

“Hi Scott – still getting rave comments on the sound of the XK5 at our June 24th festival show. The “sound” is indescribably wonderful, miles above anything including my trusty ol 58 C3! Love that XK5 — like a new top O the line Cadillac – simply glorious.”

Thanks for those kind words, John! It’s that kind of energy which informs the Hammond Family-from the Pros like John to the folks who play for just the Love of it. Doesn’t matter if you’re playing a brand new Xk-5, an Sk-1 or a vintage B-3, if you’re playing a HAMMOND, You command the SOUND, You have the SOUL and you ARE the ONE!

Visit John W.F. Goode’s Artist Page at http://hammondorganco.com/artists/organ-and-leslie-artists/john-w-f-goode/

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