80th Anniversary sees performance enhancements for popular model

            Hammond Organ’s Leslie Speaker Division announces the upgrade of its widely popular “971” model, the new Leslie 981.

For almost 75 years, the natural partner of the Hammond Organ has been the Leslie™ Speaker. It’s rotating elements give breath and depth to the distinctive Hammond Voice.

Although Donald Leslie’s original, patented design has never been changed, the elements that comprise that design continue to grow, based on input from musicians, clergy and engineers.  In the instance of audio amplifiers, for example. The new “981” features the amplifier and electronics of the Industry-leading Leslie Model 3300, developing 300 watts of power. This marks the first time the sophisticated circuitry of the 3300 will be available in the traditional, hand-crafted Hardwood Leslie Cabinet.

High-powered Leslies have become commonplace in many Churches, due to their unique room-filling effect. The same goes for many Professional popular musicians who require maximum coverage on stages where the Leslie competes with high-powered guitar and bass amplifiers. The Model 3300 has filled this niche perfectly over the years, and musicians have asked for the power and expanded control of that model in a Hardwood Cabinet.

            Another development is the adaption of a brand new Upper-Rotor Bearing designed in the USA especially for the new Leslie 981. This bearing is virtually noiseless, and promises a long life without developing discernible noise.

This bearing will also be made available as a retro-fit accessory for existing Leslie Speakers.

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