System Update Downloads

To update, you must first download the necessary files to your computer (see below for the proper update), and load them onto a USB Memory Device (“Flash Drive”) initialized by your Sk Series (Including SKX), XK-1c or XK-5.

Please note! These updates will erase any saved preset data/settings in your Hammond and restore them to factory presets.
Consult the OWNER’S PLAYING GUIDE of your instrument
for information on how to store/save your personal settings.


Update Your XK-5 Organ to the Latest Version (APRIL 2021)

XK-5 Release 34


Update Your SKX Keyboard to the Latest Version

SKX Release 12


Sk-1/Sk-1-73/Sk-1-88/Sk2 Series

The latest SK (excluding SKX) Operating System is 1.621. Please refer to your OWNER’S PLAYING GUIDE to learn which “rev” of the SK Operating system is installed in your Hammond.

For more details, download the PDFs below.

Update Your Sk Series Keyboard to the Latest Version

Sk-1/Sk-1-73/Sk-1-88/Sk-2 ONLY




Update Your XK-1c Series Organ to the Latest Version