Hammond Organ Course


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In the 50’s and 60’s, many of us learned to take our first musical steps with the HAMMOND ORGAN COURSE, which owners found in
the bench of their new Hammond Organ. It was a simple easy-to-understand self-starting method using songs that everyone had heard, but the simplicity didn’t deny the fact that you could learn quite a bit by the end of the course. Here at HAMMOND, we felt  a   need to help new musicians get started, and also to help accomplished “by ear” players learn how to read music. HAMMOND SUZUKI USA scoured   the archives, found the original Course, and created a series of videos that make the lessons come alive. What’s best is that HAMMOND-SUZUKI USA provides this course ABSOLUTELY FREE for the asking by download on your computer.  The “retro” look and feel of the course is charming, and although the tunes aren’t pulled from today’s top ten, the success of the course has spoken for itself for over 50 years. Follow the provided directions to get your free download of the ORIGINAL HAMMOND ORGAN COURSE, or place your order to get the pre-printed Deluxe version sent to your home or Church. Do it today and bring the magic of the Hammond Organ to your life!

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