Sk System Release 8 Now Available

NOW AVAILABLE Sk SYSTEM RELEASE 8!!(for all Hammond Sk Stage Keyboards)

Remember your Sk is an OPEN SYSTEM! It’s like adding rooms to your house! And it’s FREE!


How do you do it? It’s EASY!

Go to the GALLERIES menu above and follow through to the VIDEOS page

Look for the “How to format a USB Flash Drive” Video

Follow the easy instructions and prepare your drive.


Then launch the video “How To Update The System Software”

and follow the easy instructions.  What’s so great about Release 8? Here are a few of the highlights:


1. Exclusive! The new “Mix” Parameter in the Chorus Menu: This allows you to “thin out” or “beef up” the Chorus Vibrato to your taste. Different than the “C1,C2,C3” intensity controls. You don’t have to wait 50 years for your Chorus to get “sweet”—dial it in just the way you like it!


2. Independent Volume control (per preset) for Organ voices-allows you to better blend the B-3 tones with the Extravoices


3.  Exclusive! Our revolutionary PROCHORD effect is now available on all the Organ voices on-demand (via footpedal). Leave your audiences wondering how you do it!


4. Exclusive! You’re now able to save and load Custom Tone-Wheel Sets. Make your own or download from our free library. Create your own one-of-a-kind B-3!

Download Here

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