XK-5 Pro System


Double Manual Option for Xk-5

(Xk-5 sold separately)

Optional CU-1 "Half Moon Switch" shown

The Xk-5 drops right into the Pro System or A-3 cabinet.
It can be removed easily and turned back into a single keyboard at any time

The single manual HAMMOND XK-5 forms the basis of our System Series, which allows the Xk-5 to be expanded into a double-manual instrument, or full-size B-3 style console with pedalboard and bench. The single manual Xk-5 may be retrieved from the system to function as a single manual instrument at any time. Unlike our previous "Xk-3c system", the Xk-5 system transports fully assembled as a dual-manual instrument.

XK-5 Pro System
This system is best for touring musicians who carry their own gear but require a full portable "B3"-style Organ.

The XLK-5 lower manual uses the same key-bed and multi-contact system as the single-manual XK-5. It features the same high-quality cabinetry as the main unit, with vertically extended side panels designed to cradle your XK-5. Remove the existing side panels from the main unit (a quick and simple operation), slide it into place, and you have an integrated dual-manual rig with a seamless appearance.

Jazz players who kick bass pedals can add the XPK-250 two-octave radiating pedalboard, which includes our new EXP-250 expression pedal. all the new components interconnect via H-BUS, our new connector protocol that simplifies setup by carrying both data and power.

Rounding out the options are the open-footprint aluminum Pro stand, which folds for easy carry, and matching bench.

The XK-5 is compatible with previous XK-3 and XK-3C Pro System expansion products such as the XLK-3 lower manual; though you’ll only get the multiple key contacts on the XK-5 itself.

Model A-3™
The Model A-3 earned its name due to the similar size and appearance of Laurens Hammond’s first organ, the Model A™, introduced in 1935. the Model A-3 is ideal for installation in a church or nightclub, or for any application where the appearance of a classic B-series Hammond is desired.

It begins with the XK5 and adds the A-3 lower manual, which functions exactly like the XLK-5 but haslarger side panels. The wooden “B-3 look” stand and bench match the cabinetry perfectly, as does the XPK-250 pedalboard with expression pedal.

CLICK HERE to see the Model A-3

HAMMOND will offer different bundles of these components through better retailers everywhere.

If you demand no less than perfection from your tone-wheel organ sound, a feel and responsiveness that will make you close your eyes and imagine you’re playing a vintage B-3, and programmability that will let you recreate any specific Hammond that may be in your mind’s ear, don’t settle for a “clone.” Insist on the HAMMOND XK-5.