20 Note MIDI Pedalboard with Built-in Sounds

Model XPK-200GL

The “Long Stick” Pedalboard

Hammond players who play “console” organs like the vintage B-3, C-3 or A-100 are accustomed to the onboard 25 note pedalboard, but some find those pedal claviers heavy and bulky to move about. The 20-note XPK-200GL pedalboard provides a great alternative, with its “long stick” design. Connect it via MIDI and play the classic Bass Pedal sounds found onboard every modern Hammond. If you wish to use this pedalboard situated below an electric piano/other keyboard or even by itself, connect the XPK-200GL to an appropriate amp and use one of the 5 built-in sounds. Either way, you’ll get to the bottom of your bass needs!

Please note-The XPK-200GL will NOT retrofit to play the pedal voices of a vintage, mechanical Hammond
A mounting bracket for the optional Hammond Swell Pedals [EXP-100f / EXP-50] is included in the packaging.

Internal Sound Demo

Keyboard: 20 note velocity-sensitive
Connecting terminals: DC IN, MIDI OUT, MERGE IN, SOUND IN, LINE OUT
Sound source: Virtual analog sound source (monophonic, 24bit 32kHz)
Size (approx.): 35”(W) x 23”(D) x 5”(H)
Weight: 34 lbs.
Accessories Included: AC adapter AD1-1210, MIDI cable(2.0m),Hammond swell mounting bracket
Voice Library: Electric Organ, Pipe Organ, Synthesizer Bass, Fingered Bass, Upright Bass

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