13 Note MIDI Pedalboard with Built-in Sounds

Model XPK-130G

“Spinet” Style

Hammond Players have always “kicked pedals” supplying Bass for solo performance or groups. The 13-note XPK-130G pedalboard is the same size as found on the vintage Hammond “L-100” and “M-100” series. Connect it via MIDI and play the classic Bass sounds found onboard every modern Hammond. If you wish to use this pedalboard situated below an electric piano/other keyboard or even by itself, connect the XPK-130G to an appropriate amp and use one of the 5 built-in sounds. Either way, you’ll get to the bottom of your bass needs!

Please note-The XPK-130G will NOT retrofit to play the pedal voices of a vintage, mechanical Hammond

Internal Sound Demo

Pedal Clavier: 13 note velocity-sensitive
Connecting terminals: DC IN, MIDI OUT, MERGE IN, SOUND IN, LINE OUT
Sound source: Virtual analog sound source (monophonic, 24bit 32kHz)
Size (approx.): 23”(W) x 16”(D) x 5”(H)
Weight: 17 lbs.
Accessories Included: AC adapter AD1-1210, MIDI cable(2.0m)
Voice Library: Electric Organ, Pipe Organ, Synthesizer Bass, Fingered Bass, Upright Bass

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