Hammond Pro44HPv2 Melodion

Acoustic Tone/Electric Excitement

The New Hammond Melodions feature a built-in microphone that gives a powerful and accurate tone surpassing the use of an external mic. Just plug in to an amp, P.A., (or even a LESLIE™) using a normal ¼” cable and hit the stage! “Key click” is minimized, and the use of equalizers and outboard eff¬ects become easy. Your sound will cut through, with clarity and high energy.

Freedom Onstage-Versatility in Studio

The Built-in Mic let you move freely onstage while playing your Hammond Melodion. When you get to the Studio, the selection of standard and optional mouthpieces allow different configurations, including placement of your Melodion atop an Organ or Piano, playing it like a regularkeyboard.

The PRO44HPv2

The PRO-44HPv2 is the “High- Power” Melodion also incorporating a built-in Dynamic Microphone. The 44HPv2 is a step beyond the 44H, featuring new reeds that give a brighter and louder tone. The perforated body allows easier tonal escape, making this model perfect for use in an electric band. And in the V2 version, the microphone unit used for the pickup has been renewed. In particular, as the mid-high sound performance has been improved, so the sound when connected to an amplifier becomes more clear, natural and conveys the music expression realistically.

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