Model 122XB

TONY MONACO at the Console

The Classic Leslie Speaker, made to Don Leslie’s “Original Recipe”, same as it has been since 1941. This two-speed speaker cabinet uses a traditional tube amplifier with a heavy duty driver for the horn and special design 15” woofer for the bass rotor. Connections are made via the 11-pin plug found on all modern Hammonds, and certain clones. For older Hammond models, adapter kits are available.

*Optional Accessory: 122XB Leslie Interface Panel

The optional interface panel is available with a ¼” “guitar cord” input, and a jack for a footswitch; thus eliminating the need for a bulky cable and “preamp box”.


Click To Listen

Demo: “Shout”
Demo: “Rock”
Demo: “Pop”
Demo: “Jazz/Blues”
Demo: “Hymn”
Demo: “Gospel”

STEVEN EAKLOR at the B-3 mk2/Leslie 122Xb

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