the Leslie “GAS PEDAL”

Speed control pedal for G37,G27 and Studio 12.

Part # 003-V-20RT

The Leslie V-20RT is the famous Leslie “GAS PEDAL” which allows you to set a custom rotary speed on your Leslie Studio 12 or Leslie G37. You’ll also be able to sweep from “slow” to “fast” speeds in a constant motion at a rate governed by the travel of the pedal. Of course the traditional “slow and fast” switch will work as it has traditionally done, but a sweep of the the V-20RT will take over the command and spin the rotors at exactly the speed you choose. Crescendos and diminuendos will take on new colors, and your expressive freedom will expand.
This feature is EXCLUSIVE to the Leslie Studio 12 and  Leslie G37, also the legacy G27

Ask Your Hammond dealer to order this unique accessory for you

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