Iconic Manufacturer to feature in-depth interviews with top artists and more

Hammond Organ today launches the “Hammond TV” (or “HTV”) Channel on the popular video networking website YouTube.

Set to feature in-depth interviews with the major artists who play Hammond Instruments, the channel will delve into the creative impulses inspired by playing Hammonds, and reveal the arcane techniques and methods of playing developed and shared on countless bandstands, concert halls, studios, and churches.  Hammond fans will find artist featured instructional episodes on how to get the most out of Modern Hammonds, as well as Historical segments telling the 80-year story of the Hammond and Leslie lines.

The face of HTV is Hammond Artist EMIKO, the rising young keyboardist and recording artist, whose irrepressible spirit and genuine love for the marque inspires her guests to have fun and dig deep. “When I pitched the HTV concept to Hammond, I was holding my breath.  So much of the ‘keyboard player’s reputation’ is tech-based.  Tech videos, how-to’s, tutorials, etc.  We wanted HTV to be a platform that focused on the artist and the creator – something that would excite and inspire, and add another layer of cool and sexy.  And let’s face it … what’s sexier than a Hammond?” The first interview to post will feature RYO OKUMOTO, the virtuoso keyboardist of Progressive Rock Phenom group SPOCK’S BEARD. Future interviews will wind their way through Hammond’s impressive Artist roster, including their Hall-Of-Fame.

Another exciting side of HTV will be the solicitation of performance videos from the worldwide musical community, with the chance of being spotlighted on the channel. The first round will focus on the players of Hammond’s breakout keyboards, the “Sk” series, which feature high-quality voices beyond the traditional Organ sounds.

You will be able to link to HTV from Hammond’s website, or at You Tube direct.



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