THREE new Library voices for the Sk Series debut today, available for FREE download here at the Hammond website.

VL-SK021 “Pf & Symphonic Strings” blends our acclaimed Stereo Grand Piano Voice with our rich Symphonic String “Arco Ensemble” for a lush combination that has been one of the top requested sounds. A Mono version is also included, as well as one with the “Prochord” function added.

VL-SK022 “Synth Heavy Stack” provides 4 useful Synth sounds. “Keyboard Hero” is the strong Polysynth tone that has become a staple in many Hard Rock and Prog songs. “80’s Hyptronic” is a dramatic percussive tone that also can be used for intense Bass. “Polysynth Ensemble” is a great rock foundation pad. This tone, too can be used for Synth Bass. Finally, “HPF Sweep Lead” is a Digital synth tone with high “q” HPF attack sweep. Great for special accents.

VL-SK023 “Synth Stack” provides “stacked” synth tones great for pad and foundation applications. “80’s Phantasy” is gentle with bell attack and choir-like sustain. “Atmosphere” has an acoustic guitar attack and light sustain-try this an octave down to discover a different perspective on this tone. “Decay Synth” has a breathy attack and a mellow decay.

Every Library release makes your Sk a “new” keyboard. Try these sounds “solo” or blended with any of the organ voices to create new and unique textures. Consult our “how-to” pages if you haven’t loaded Library voices before.

For instructions on to download and install your new Extravoices go to our How-To page

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