Michel Benebig records the A-3!!

Our Virtuoso from the Seven Seas MICHEL BENEBIG has just released a smashing new CD “LIVE AT BERNIE’S” on which he plays the new Hammond A-3! Michel is a serious player who can put an organ through the paces, and if anyone can demonstrate just how much the A-3 becomes your musical partner, it’s Michel. Michel is from New Caledonia, WAY out there in the Pacific Ocean, and his jazz is just as hot as the breezes that waft over that beautiful island. Recorded at “Bernie’s Music Land”, the #1 place for Hammond in Australia. Bernie Capicchiano’s entire family is #hamfam to the core! You’re going to want to add this CD to your collection!

Follow THIS LINK to Order “Live at Bernies” by MICHEL BENEBIG

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