Marine Lacoste’s HIGHWAY HUNTERS New Video!!

Highway Hunters Barracuda session-91-Modifier
Hammond Artist MARINE LACOSTE has a Rockin’new project, and they’ve released a new video “SO YOU CAN LOVE ME” to kick it off!
About the band:
For more than 50 years, the mythical Hammond Organ sound has brought a unique soul to music of all kinds, apparently impervious to style and genre barriers, and always adding a soulful touch of magic. Inspired by its peculiar timbre and wide-reaching soundscape, Highway Hunters strives to bring the Hammond Organ back to the forefront, and usher it into a new age of modern vintage rock’n’roll goodness.
The Montreal band takes these screaming organ riffs, and adds pounding drums and a thundering bass section to the mix, for an unmistakable signature sound. Highway Hunters redefines the rock power trio, featuring Marine, keyboardist for Uncle Kracker; Yanni, guitarist, bassist, writer and musical director in the Greater Montreal area; and Simon, session drummer and former member of the world-touring band Impact.
Highway Hunters is currently working on its first studio album while touring across Canada and the United States.

Here’s a link to the Video!

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