Unique instrument expands the Hammond legend

Keyboard Magazine is the source of information for keyboard players of all genres, and a review in their October 2013 issue sings high praise for Hammond’s new SK1-73.

Hammond’s SK range of stage keyboards was launched two years ago to provide an ultralight, ultra-portable genuine Hammond Organ along with all the essential keyboard voices any keyboard player would need to play any type of show. It was an instant success, with an unexpected result.  Musicians who leaned more towards the Piano were buying SK1’s due to its high-quality acoustic and electric piano voices. These players wanted more real estate, so Hammond, for the first time released a 73 note instrument.

Put through the paces by reviewer (and popular Jazz Artist) Brian Ho, he called the SK1-73 “Highly giggable, Extremely playable and smooth”. He also praised the “Killer Tonewheel and Leslie emulation”. To demonstrate the extreme versatility and portability of the SK1-73, Brian took it to a gig via a San Francisco train-a feat few keyboard players could even dream of in recent history.

At the gig, he said “The organ section and onboard Leslie effect sounded fabulous through the house P.A., and I greatly enjoyed using the Clav and EP to supplement what I otherwise would’ve played in an organ trio. Afterwards, I was the first to be packed up gone—even before the guitar player!” Brian also pointed out the Sk1-73’s price point was “far lower” than the competition, and said that “Hammond’s new SK keyboards will get you through nearly any gig without breaking your back or your bank account”.

In summation, Brian’s “Bottom Line” was: “A full-fledged Hammond organ experience plus the key range and sounds you’d expect from a stage piano, all in a 21-pound package? Yes, please.”

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