IK Multimedia releases LESLIE Collection

IK Multimedia releases the LESLIE Collection

Software giant IK MULTIMEDIA announces the first fruit of their collaboration with HAMMOND USA and HAMMOND-SUZUKI. It’s the LESLIE COLLECTION for IK’s award-winning AmpiTube and T-rackS Plug-ins. This is the first time an officially-branded LESLIE software product has been offered, and we couldn’t be prouder of the results. Choose the Amp section you desire and pair it with its matching cabinet, or swap either for new combinations. In the AmpliTube range, you can even choose any of the virtual Amp “Heads” in your AmpliTube browser and run them through a Leslie “Cabinet”; or use the Leslie “Amps” into your choice of traditional speaker cabinets. Deep Editing is a breeze, and the user-interface is a snap to learn. The graphics are totally cool as well. the Models (Amps and Cabinets) represented are: 122, 122a, 147, 3300 and the G37/Studio 12. You can purchase the entire suite, or the individual models of your choice. The Software works with all major DAW’s.

AmpliTube Leslie® is the result of the exclusive collaboration between the IK Multimedia team and Hammond USA and Suzuki Music Corp. of Japan with the aim of perfectly recreating, for the first time ever, the truly authentic sound of the legendary Leslie® amps and cabinets in the digital world. Thanks to the powerful combination of IK’s breakthrough Dynamic Interaction Modeling™ and Volumetric Response Modeling™ technologies, which can reproduce the subtlest interactions of an electronic circuit down to its tiniest component and recreate the real acoustic behavior of rotary-speaker cabinets, the IK and Hammond teams succeeded where all the others had to inevitably compromise.

The outcome is not a mere emulation of reality, no matter how close to the original it might be, it is rather an exacting digital recreation of it, carrying the official Leslie® seal as a guarantee of the indisputable excellence of what is the definitive Leslie collection for the most discerning producers, composers, keyboardists, guitarists and creative singers.

AmpliTube Leslie brings you the authentic, certified sounds of 5 Leslie Amps and 6 Leslie rotary-speaker cabinets that you can use to record in your DAW or to play live, taking advantage of AmpliTube’s world-class 64-bit processing.

Now it’s simple to take any instrument (or…anything that can be picked up with a microphone) in your studio “for a spin”.

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