Hammond’s Summer NAMM 2016 New Releases



XK-5 organ, Heritage Series dual-manual systems, new Leslie K pedal, and LS2012 keyboard amp head up major new offerings

HAMMOND ORGAN USA will be exhibiting several exciting new musical instruments, amplifiers, and effects at this year’s Summer NAMM Show, taking place June 23–25, 2016 in the Nashville Music City Center, booth 430, in Nashville, TN. This release is an overview of every HAMMOND product scheduled to make its debut at Summer NAMM.

XK-5 ORGAN: The New Original
HAMMOND’s new flagship portable organ is a ground-up new design that draws on original blueprints of the classic HAMMOND B-3 organ to capture its sound and feel with unmatched accuracy and soul. Its patent-pending technologies include an all-new sound engine that combines modeling and sampling to reproduce every nuance of the electro-mechanical tone wheel generator plus a custom keyboard action that duplicates the heft, bounce, key travel, and multi-contact behavior of classic HAMMOND console organs. Further features include four full sets of drawbars plus pedal drawbars, a controls layout identical to a B-3, our latest-generation and ultra-realistic Digital Leslie effect, and the ability to duplicate individual organs down to the model, year, condition, and serial number, with downloadable tone wheel profiles upcoming from famous HAMMOND organists.
Price: $3,695 MAP Availability: August 2016

HERITAGE SERIES: Dual-Manual Console Options for the XK-5
For musical applications requiring two manuals and/or bass pedals, the Heritage Series expands the XK-5 (which contains all the tone-generating circuitry) into a full transportable B-3 console. The XK-5 Pro System has a modern look and comprises the XLK-5 lower manual (with same key action and multi-contact system as the XK-5). Its vertically extended side panels replace those on the XK-5, creating a gapless dual-manual organ that can be carried as one piece. The optional XPK-250BK 25-note pedalboard in black finish with EXP-250 expression pedal, and open-footprint black aluminum folding stand with matching bench complete the Pro System. The Model A-3 looks like a traditional B and includes the A-3 lower manual with thicker side panels than the XLK-5, matching wooden A-3 legs and wooden bench, and XPK-250W pedalboard in red walnut finish. Various integrated configuration bundles will be available through better retailers everywhere.

For adding spot-on LESLIE rotating speaker sound to an existing organ, synthesizer, or keyboard workstation, the Leslie K fits the latest and greatest iteration of our larger Digital Leslie “Cream” pedal’s abilities into a simpler and more compact package. Four selectable cabinets cover the LESLIE 122, 147, and 760 models plus a user-savable preset. Adjustable overdrive is optimized for a “hot-rodded” sound if desired, and the maximum fast speed (“Red Line”) and rise/fall times of the virtual rotors are adjustable as well. The LESLIE K has mono input and stereo (or mono) output.
Price: $329 MAP Availability: August 2016

The LESLIE 3300 has been a top choice of touring professionals who demand a genuine physical two-rotor LESLIE speaker, due to its 300 watts of clean solid-state power complemented by a vacuum tube preamp. It is now joined by the 3300W, finished in oak veneer instead of road-going matte black. This makes it ideal for jazz clubs, houses of worship, or any installation that prefers a traditional-looking LESLIE that’s still compact at just 31 inches tall. Beyond cosmetics, many listeners have insisted that the wood finish imparts a slightly warmer, “rounder” sound.
Price: $2,895 MAP Availability: Now

The smallest and lightest dual-rotor LESLIE ever made, the Studio Model 12, weighs in at just 85 pounds. Now, it too is joined by a wood-paneled sibling, the Model 12W. Packing 100 watts and a 12-inch woofer, it features adjustable fast and slow speeds and toggles between the two with any standard footswitch. The treble horn is the same assembly used in all LESLIE speakers. For miked applications, the rotors can stop in the same position every time, maximizing direct sound towards the audience.
Price: $1,795 MAP Availability: July 2016

The little sister to our popular LS-2215 combo amp is “little” only in size, not in sound. Featuring three stereo input channels, 100 watts of power, and a 12-inch woofer, it’s ideal as a keyboard monitor for the bandstand or even as the sole source of keyboard amplification for smaller stages. Stereo XLR outs with a ground lift switch make integration with the house PA a breeze. Plus, it’s easily transportable at only 26½ inches tall and 56 pounds.
Price: $549 MAP Availability: August 2016

Summer NAMM attendees can hear great artists play the XK-5 and other new HAMMOND products at the fifth annual Sound Soul Summit concert, to be held June 23, 2016, at 7 P.M. at the Soundcheck Complex, 750 Cowan St., Nashville, TN 37207. This year’s roster includes jazz legend Dr. Lonnie Smith, DownBeat Critics’ Choice winner Brian Charette, Grammy nominee Paul Brown, and many more. Previous Summits have featured such greats as Keith Emerson, Gregg Rolie, and Felix Cavaliere. Tickets will be available at the HAMMOND booth and, for dealers, through Hammond sales representatives.

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