Hammond USA Announces New Marketing Campaign

The Sound, The Soul, The One.

A new marketing campaign with a focus of bringing a fresh, modern light to the legend’s image, while keeping the vintage flame alive. It highlights the advent of Hammond’s new SK series that mates High Definition Piano and other essential Keyboard Sounds with a genuine full-featured Hammond Organ and Digital Leslie completing the perfect comprehensive foundation keyboard instrument.

Adopting a new slogan “The Sound, The Soul, The One” and a “neo-retro” look to their advertising campaign, Hammond integrates its long traditions in Gospel, Jazz, R&B, Rock and Soul into today’s fast paced Music Scene, as witnessed by the embrace of the SK series by scores of young artists. Recent years have seen the emergence of Hammond imitators or “Clones”. The new Hammond campaign will remind consumers who the originator of the instrument was, and why hundreds of the top names in every field of music forego the imposters and say “Make Mine Hammond”.

An entirely new musician-oriented website has launched, with new content designed to inform potential new customers and current Hammond Owners alike. It features new videos, sound examples, an expanded Artist section, and a comprehensive dealer locator. An extensive Video FAQ section that demystifies Hammond arcana, sharing the how-to of basic and advanced operation of all Hammond models has also been added. A series of new Gig-start Videos, Guides, and Extended User Manuals written by musicians for musicians are now available to simplify the deep programming capacity of the SK Stage Keyboard Series with other Hammond Models to follow.

Hammond USA will mount a special after hours show 8-10 pm Friday January 25th at the 2013 Anaheim Winter NAMM in the Lobby of the Hilton Hotel adjacent to the Anaheim Convention Center. This show, “The Sound, the Soul, The Summit” will highlight the rare convergence of multiple Hammonds on stage, and a one-night-only lineup of the top Hammond Players from every field of music led by the legendary Dr. Lonnie Smith.

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