Young Musician making his mark in multiple genres

Miami’s JASON MATTHEWS’ bank of electronic keyboard instruments almost obscures him, but the music that he brings from them is ten times larger. The cornerstone of that electric mountain is Jason’s new HAMMOND Sk-2 Stage Keyboard.

His recent performance with DANAY SUAREZ at the TED Global conference in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil at the “Stories” session was only one of the highlights for Jason, who recently joined the Danay Suarez band. Shows in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago capped a season that found Havana-born Danay with a growing audience and a record contract with Universal Latin Records.

Jason and his Hammond Sk-2 are also highly in demand as a part of “THE POLITIX”; one of the most sought-after groups in the thriving Miami music scene. Their latest EP “Reach Out” was released in Late September, and reintroduces the band in a whole new light.

Like the jazz organ masters have always done in their groups, Jason not only plays the keyboards for “The Politix”, but also serves as the group’s bass player.

Jason says: “The Hammond Sk-2 has elevated the sound of the band ten fold and is used as a huge supporting instrument for the band.”
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