Emiko Special Recording

Hammond Artist Emiko Records Direct To Vinyl

International recording artist Emiko has teamed up with Leestavall Sound Recordings in New York for a very special recording session on January 11, 2019. In this world of cookie-cutter digital samples, this is such a notable session because Emiko and her trio (accompanied by Vito Pandolfo on drums and David M. Patterson on guitar) will be recording direct to vinyl on a vintage lathe from the 1950’s and the sessions will be available through pre-order only. Effectively, this means each performance is completely unique – like a Polaroid of music – no two vinyl recordings being the same, and only one of each existing in the entire world. “I won’t even get a master copy of anything,” says Emiko, emphasizing how rare this recording process is, “the only person who will have a copy of that performance is the person who pre-ordered it.”

This has opened the door for Emiko to record personalized messages to her fans and offer them never before heard arrangements of songs (again, reiterating that no two will be alike), all the while, keeping her Hammond SK-1 front and center. The three songs to choose from, which were voted on by Emiko’s fans back in November are “Stuck in Neverland,” “I Believe You,” (which was a hit at the 2018 Los Angeles Women’s March), and “Hold On To Hope,” although there is a fourth option: to choose your own favorite Emiko song and request it. This is a once in a lifetime recording and only approximately 30 pre-orders are being made available.

Pre-orders are open through January 10th, 2019 and can be made HERE, and more information on Emiko is available at emikomusic.com.

For press/media requests, please contact info@emikomusic.com

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