Bob Malone and Ringo!

malone and Ringo
Hammond Artist BOB MALONE had the “dream” session recently with none other than RINGO STARR! Although Bob played Piano for Ringo, We love to share the great stories of the Hammond Family. Here are Bob’s own words:
It’s all true. This week I went over to Ringo Starr’s house and recorded a piano track for his new record. Afterwards, I went home and just kind of wandered around, not really knowing what to do with myself. In one way, it was an ordinary session – good music was made, everyone was a pro, it was a Monday afternoon. On the other hand, it was with a BEATLE. Like thousands of other musicians, I had my life-altering Beatles moment (for me it was hearing the Sgt. Pepper album for the first time – it was 1980, I was 14 – by the time I was 16, I’d worn out two copies and joined a rock and roll band). Anyway, Ringo was the coolest, and really nice, he showed me his drums and smiled when I played something good – at which point I almost forgot to keep playing. The rest of the week I’ve spent writing musical theatre orchestrations. Not as glamorous, but I enjoy it quite a bit. And it pays.

For most of the rest of May I’ll be back at the Wynn in Las Vegas with John Fogerty, and through the summer I’ll be touring solo (including Italy dates, which will be announced soon), and with John – here and abroad. Check early and often.

See you out there.
Oh and…Peace and love.


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