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Mallo Plays: Sk-1

Malo is a creature of simplicity. A creator. A player of conscience.
The Chicago songstress may be in the prime of her youth, but her soul’s as old as the venues she has inhabited. Having graced stages like New York City’s Carnegie Hall and Liverpool’s own Cavern Club, she is no stranger to the mystic and magic of captivating an audience. Music gives her a soul. She is a musician for one simple reason, she says: It is her life support. Without music, she is just “a passerby thought.” Lennon has currently completed a new EP entitled “Born in a Bad Way”. The piece is a haunted, self-reflective collection of ethereal folk fusion tracks— an authentic snapshot of a creative’s attempt to release themselves from apathy as a means of getting by.
“Let the music be your master and he will never lead you astray,” Lennon says. “At the base of our populace, we are all the same being— that’s the head, as they call it in jazz. And then you’ve got the personhood of each individual being, and well, that is improvisation. It makes me terribly nervous to not be fully aware of how people resolve when I’m watching them listen to my music, but I wouldn’t trade that feeling for the world.”
Malo’s newest EP, “Born in a Bad Way,” is available at all popular outlets.

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