Macie Stewart

Band / Affiliation: Marrow
Product: Sk1

“The Hammond SK-1 has expanded my keyboard presence on stage far beyond any other keyboard I’ve ever used. Its versatility and portability make it a professional touring musician’s best friend. Of all of the Hammond stage models, the manual bass on the SK-1 is the best yet. What makes this keyboard truly great are the classic Hammond organ sounds, the Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clavinova, and synth patches that rival any other stage keyboard available today. I will definitely be using the Hammond SK-1 for all of my upcoming tours and appearances.”

At the age of 20, Macie Stewart has already had her first national television appearance on Conan O’Brian, played legendary festivals such as Lollapalooza and Coachella, and received a write up in Rolling Stone and the New York Times. This is just the beginning for her. She started playing classical piano at the age of three and found that music was her biggest passion. Known for her skills as a versatile keyboardist, she is also a singer, songwriter, violinist, and guitar player.

At the age of 15 Macie began playing in the Chicago band Kids These Days. Their diverse sound spanned between Jazz, Rock, Hip-Hop, and many other genres to create something unique and ear-catching. KTD brought the band recognition from many big names such as Questlove, George Clinton, and even Jeff Tweedy who helped produce their debut “Traphouse Rock”

Macie Stewart currently resides in Chicago where she plays gigs and teaches regularly. These days she finds herself playing with her own musical projects such as Sikiyadigo and her main focus, Marrow. She often plays venues around Chicago, and regularly teaches individual piano and violin lessons as well as ensemble classes.



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