Hammond Organ USA announces the release of the XK Vintage System at the 2013 Winter NAMM. The XK Vintage System has at its heart, Hammond’s flagship portable organ, the XK-3c. The XK-3c when shipped with the Vintage System will feature black end-panels for a more aesthetic integration into the Vintage Cabinet. The Vintage System’s stand and bench feature the turned, four-poster legs of the iconic Hammond B-3, the most popular electronic keyboard of all time, and the most desired. A seasoned B-3 player will be right at home seated at the XK Vintage System. The overwhelming popularity of the XK-3c sound speaks for itself.

The XK Vintage System will be available (special order) in the following finishes…

Vintage Provincial, Vintage Cherry, Black, White and the road-worn distressed look as well.

The B-3mkII and Mini-B consoles will also be available by special order in various new finishes. Leslie speakers in the same finishes are available to match the consoles. Hammond console cabinets, B-3, Mini-B, and XK Vintage, are made in the USA.

Available February 2013

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