Velvet Caravan (Feat. Hammond Artist JARED HALL) Streaming Live!

VELVET CARAVAN (Feat. Hammond Artist JARED HALL) Streaming Live!

A few months ago at SXSW in Austin, a band knocked us out, with a great keyboard player in their ranks. You’d not normally associate Gypsy Swing with HAMMOND, but that keyboard player JARED HALL had a vision. Moving up to an Sk2 for its great Piano Voices and Flawless Vintage Drawbar tones, Jared has brought a new voice to the Hammond Family. And Velvet Caravan is MUCH more than just Gypsy Jazz, delving into a wide variety of other genres. Every musician in the band is at the top of their game.
On Saturday July 18th at 8pm, VELVET CARAVAN will take the stage at Randy’s Picking Parlor in Bloomingdale Ga for a great night of Music.
What’s that you say? Georgia is a bit of a commute for you?
No worries! The show will be streaming LIVE!
here’s the link for more information and to catch the live stream:

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