The Sk’s Authentic Accordion Decoded

The Hammond Sk is the hottest keyboard on the market, bringing HD essential keyboards to everyone. One of the coolest features is the extensive range of Accordion voices in the Extravoice division. Our Parent Company Suzuki Music makes the finest Accordions, so it’s no wonder the Sk’s Accordions are the best you’ll hear on a digital keyboard. But a look at the display shows some symbols not everyone might be familiar with. In “accordance” with the Sk’s mission to be as authentic and accurate as possible, the various sounds in the Accordion section are described using the traditional symbols used in Accordion music. What do they mean? We found a great tutorial on Wikipedia that tells exactly what they mean! It’s fun to learn about other instruments, especially when the Sk puts them under your finger.  Here’s the Wiki Article:

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  • Tom O'Hara
    Posted July 16, 2015 at 9:50 am | Permalink

    I have a suggestion for the clavinet extra voices. The most realistic would be slightly to moderately out of tune. Listen to the clav used in old Sam & Dave tunes, like I Thank You, or Get Rhythm by NRBQ. Now those are cool sounding clavs. A little bit of slow chorus might get it, but the disinence of detuning is, like some vintage organ nuances, is a desirable feature. Ever notice how The Stones’ guitars are never in tune. That’s one of those things that identifies their sound.
    Best regards, TO

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