System Update Downloads


You must download to your computer and load onto a USB Memory Device (“Flash Drive”)
that has been initialized by your Sk Series or XK-1c Keyboard.

Please note! This update will erase any saved preset data in your organ and restore it to factory presets.

For more details, download the PDFs below.

Update Your Sk Series Keyboard to the Latest Version

Updates to Release 8.3:

A new parameter has been added to the Vibrato/Chorus menu entitled “MIX”. This control allows the balance of Chorus/Vibrato and direct (or unaffected) sound. As Vintage mechanical Hammonds have aged, their “scanner’s” effect has weakened. This has created a very distinctive characteristic much desired by Vintage Hammond aficionados. At the same time. In some Vintage Hammonds, the aging of the “scanner” has produced the exact opposite, a highly effected sound-also desired. Our Normal setting (which is what the factory tolerance was on the Original B-3) is 11V. As you rotate the value control COUNTER-CLOCKWISE (the “V” value diminishes, through “EVEN” and after that, “D” value Rises) the CHORUS sound will diminish. We recommend [D10] as a good starting point in recreating a Vintage Mechanical Hammond.  As you rotate the value control CLOCKWISE, the Vibrato element deepens.

A new parameter “VOLUME” has been added in the Drawbar – Foldback page. It controls the entire volume of the organ section at each patch. This allows better balance with the Extra Voice section.

A new sounding mode “LAST” has been added in the Drawbar – Pedal – Mode page. It sounds last note when 2 or more keys are pressed.

New functions “PROCHORD Open / Close” has been added in the Foot Switch “Tip”. Prochord is now available for the Organ section. There are two voicings “Open Harmony” and “Closed Harmony”. When the foot switch is depressed, the Prochord effect takes is applied.

Added the new instrument “Stereo GP Pad3″ in the [A.PIANO]. This is “Piano and Synth Strings”.

Added the new instrument “E.Piano FM Belly” in the [E.PIANO]. This is an “FM” Electronic Piano with pronounced “Bell” voicing.

The message “Completed” is displayed when the Voice library or Whole file has loaded.

The volume control of the music player has been made smoother.

Added the function that loads and saves a Custom Tonewheel individually.

You may now save and load the Custom Tonewheel settings you create, or load Custom Tonewheel settings from others. There will also soon be Custom Tonewheel settings from Hammond Artists available from our website.

Improved USB compatibility.

Bug Fixed: The output level of Audio Line Out of Release 8 is weaker than previous release (04/24/14)

(Release 8.3 14/4/2014 MAIN V1-619)


 Update your XK-1c to Release 1

Adds support of V3.0 USB Flash Drive