There is a wealth of information available about your Hammond and Leslie products, and you can find it all here, free of charge. You can also download custom sounds and voices to further enhance and expand your Hammond Experience. It’s always wise to remain up-to-date in system software (available here too.) You can even download the basic Hammond Organ course that has started many on the road to Hammond Happiness.

Customize Your Sk

Custom Setups   Sk Series The Hammond Sk Stage Keyboards have been developed to serve musicians of every genre all over the world, and the Presets found in the OEM set reflect the Sk’s readiness to serve as the core keyboard in any lineup, anywhere.Our US and Canadian Artists /Endorsees, along with the thousands of […]
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Sk Voice Library The Hammond Sk’s have the brilliant advantage of being able to hold a running library of “Extravoices” of your choice which enhance the Hammond Sound, and provide to be serious solo instruments when called upon. They are available here FREE OF CHARGE. Download LibVL-SK001 Download LibVL-SK002 Download LibVL-SK003 Download LibVL-SK004 Download LibVL-SK005 […]
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System Updates

System Update Downloads You must download to your computer and load onto a USB Memory Device (“Flash Drive”) that has been initialized by your Sk Series or XK-1c  and  XK-5 Keyboard. Please note! This update will erase any saved preset data in your organ and restore it to factory presets. For more details, download the PDFs […]
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Organ Course

Hammond Organ Course OUR FREE HAMMOND ORGAN COURSE HAS BEEN A HUGE SUCCESS! Now, to make it even EASIER and FASTER for you to get this course, you can DOWNLOAD it here from our site, and view the accompanying videos here as well.
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Owner’s Manuals

Download Owner’s Manuals Portable Keyboards/Organs SK Series OEM version USA SK Series REFERENCE GUIDE USA SKX OWNER PLAYING GUIDE OEM Xk-5 Owners Manual Release 3 USA Xk-5 OWNERS PLAYING GUIDE XPK-100 XLK-3 manual XK-1c manual Console Organs NewB3 B3mk2E B3mk2 Discontinued Products XPK-200 XMC-2 XM-2 XK-3 manual XK-3 XK-1 manual XK-1FactoryPreset XK-3CFactoryPreset XK-3c Leslie Leslie […]
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Brochures / Product Catalogs XK Vintage Spec Sheet XK Vintage RW Spec Sheet Studio 12 Spec Sheet Leslie Pedal Spec Sheet G Pedal Spec Sheet XK-1c Spec Sheet Leslie 981 Spec Sheet A-162 Spec Sheet Hammond Organ Brochure Leslie Speakers Brochure SK Series Brochure Leslie 3300W Spec Sheet Leslie LS-2215 Spec Sheet
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