• A GENUINE Hammond Organ PLUS all the Keyboard Voices you need to play ANY gig!
  • Upper/Lower and Pedal Drawbars-NO COMPROMISE
  • User Voiceable Tonewheels PLUS hot Digital Leslie
  • DUAL EXTRA VOICE Divisions, including:
    • Hi-Def Grand, Electric and Digital Pianos
    • Full Modeled Clav
    • Full Modeled “VX” and “Farf” Combo Organs
    • Hi-Def Classical Pipe Organ Voices (32 ranks)
    • Full-Modeled Suzuki top-line Accordion
    • The Right Orchestral and Percussion Voices
    • Expanded Downloaded Memory
    • 10 banks of 10 Favorites for quick onstage access

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Extraordinary Organ in Action,
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