The Essential Keyboards You Need PLUS A Genuine HAMMOND Organ


“The Sk2 has now become my “single keyboard”. I used to have to take two boards to cover a gig. The new voices in the Sk2 exceeded my expectations. The pianos can be bright enough to cut through a rock and roll band, while the electric pianos remain fat and punchy for R&B. The extra voices cover what I need and I can’t wait to go to the internet to explore even more. Of course, the Hammond screams! But I always had to drag along something else to do those extra parts. No more. Now I pull up a patch that has exactly what I need on both manuals, sometimes extras on top, sometimes on the bottom, sometimes just two glorious Hammond voices – without a bunch of connecting cables and routing voodoo. Now I have my full keyboard arsenal in a bag on my back, I can make that grand entrance like the guitar players! WooHoo! Thanks for turning me on to the new revolution in keyboards.

“P.S. It is the perfect hotel room keyboard.”

– Terry Lawless

We thought about calling this the “Have Your Cake And Eat It, Too” but that would look silly on the back. We agreed on calling it the HAMMOND Sk2 and when you play it you’ll see that first name is indeed appropriate. For many years, HAMMOND has been asked to make a truly portable double 61 note instrument that didn’t share the gross weight of a Refrigerator. The Sk2 can do it all. HAMMOND Drawbar voices up top, Grand Piano on the bottom-or vice versa. Manual Bass and Organ comp on the bottom, Horn section up top for accents. And yes, you can play the Sk2 as a double manual HAMMOND Organ in the traditional fashion, the Pipe Organ voices, too. Add one of our optional pedalboards, and you’ll have the pro rig you’ve always dreamed of, but didn’t have the roadies or van to realize.

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“All the great Extravoices and Organ Voices you have heard on the other Sk Pages live inside the Sk2, of course. And, you can tailor your Sk to be any Hammond Organ you desire, though the extensive customization capabilities. Here are a few unique examples from the personal files of our Artists”.

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