Portable Keyboards/Organs

The XK-5 Series

The HAMMOND B-3™ organ and its siblings such as the C-3™ and A-100™ have been the single most influential keyboard instruments in musical history, perhaps apart from the acoustic piano. When paired with the spinning Leslie® speaker, the HAMMOND’s sonic versatility defined the electrified keyboard sound of genres from rock to soul to Gospel to jazz. This sound is as sought after today as ever.

With the XK-5 and Heritage Series, HAMMOND is proud to announce that we’ve closed the final millimeters of the realism gap—in terms of both sound and feel—in a form factor that’s far more portable and affordable than a vintage Hammond organ. We are very proud of this instrument for providing an absolutely authentic playing experience that meets the demands of even the most seasoned B-3 purist. We feel it has no peer among today’s keyboard offerings, and as such, it is…The NEW ORIGINAL

Hammond is : The Sound , The Soul , The ONE .

The Sk Series

The Sk Series Stage Keyboards have become modern classics, beloved by keyboard players of every genre. These ultralight instruments provide essential keyboard sounds required for ANY show in ANY style, including a genuine and vintage-perfect HAMMOND Organ, with all the features expected in a vintage B-3, plus an advanced Digital Leslie.

In addition to the authentic HAMMOND Tonewheel voices, the Sk’s Extravoice Division provides Hi-Def Acoustic Grand, Rhodes, Wurli, and FM Pianos. Clavinet, Harpsichord, Accordion, Wind, Brass, Synth and Tuned Percussion voices complete the spec. You may play any of the Extravoices “solo” or add them to the Organ voices. The Organ Generator also provides authentic models of Vox Continental, Vox Jaguar and Farfisa Combo Organs, all of which can be registered in the original fashion. The fourth Organ mode calls 32 ranks of Genuine Classical (“Church”) Pipe Organ voices derived from our Flagship Model 935 Church Organ.

Like all modern Hammonds, the Sk’s have deep editing capabilities, faithfully delivering any Hammond Organ’s individual personality, with the ability to save these profiles for instant recall. Every Facet of the Hammond’s sound is widely adjustable with all settings saved with every preset. The Pipe Organ voices are also scaling/voicing capable. An expandable Voice Library is available free from the Hammond Website.

Any of the Sk Series may be used as a MIDI Controller, with the ability to address 3 external zones. An Mp3/WAV music player is onboard to play backing tracks, break music, educational aids or any other tunes combined with the Sk’s stereo output. You may also direct connect a physical Leslie Speaker via the 8pin dedicated Leslie Jack.

The Xk-3c

The Xk-3c is recognized throughout the world for its sound, style and unmistakable dedication to the traditions created and maintained by HAMMOND for over 75 years. You can take the Xk-3c from its box and go straight to a gig-it’s that familiar-if you’ve ever played a B-3 you know how to play the Xk- 3c. Go ahead and mash the drawbars-they look, feel and respond just the way they are supposed to.

The Xk-3c also may be expanded. You can add a lower manual to further your B-3 experience. The double manual Hammond you’ve always wanted is now within reach, with a 5 minute build/strike time and the ability to move the rig by one person, in a wide variety of vehicles. Or you can get a console cabinet in a variety of styles and finishes that allows you to have a 4- poster, two manual and 25 note pedalboard B-3 style organ in your music room during the week, and the versatility to slide the Xk-3c out in mere minutes to go and play a club gig on the weekend.

The Xk-3c is also a powerful MIDI controller, with the ability to address 6 External Zones on two manuals and pedals, with dedicated and assignable switches and rotaries on the front panel. These zones may be used to augment the Hammond Voices with outboard MIDI gear, play those external voices solo, or use the MIDI controls to adjust lights, recording gear or anything that may be controlled by MIDI. A PitchBend Wheel and Mod Wheel live on the far side of the presets.