Leslie 2215

Non-Rotary Keyboard Amp

“Last night I did a gig with an 11 piece soul revue, in a hotel main ballroom, with just one Sk-73 & the 2215. There was plenty of headroom & low end. The best part was the consistency of warm tone at all volumes. When I pushed the Organ voices hard a few times, the sound broke up a little, and it was a pleasing effect, much like a Leslie 122, (its mechanical behemoth big brother). The other voices sounded great too, especially the Elec. Pianos & Clavs. You Guys aren’t charging enough for this amp!”
Hammond Artist Tony Patler Keyboards for Dave Mason

The LESLIE brand has become an icon, synonymous with high quality in sound, construction and reliability.

The LESLIE LS2215 Combo Amplifier upholds the Leslie tradition in a compact non- rotary unit designed to compliment a keyboard rig, solo per- former, acoustic guitarist, or any other application where powerful,  clean amplification is desired.

The LS2215 features a 200 watt solid state mono power amp with a pair of 4” mid-high drivers and a 15” woofer. The stereo mixer/preamp section features 3 discrete purpose-driven input divisions: Instrument, Keyboard, and Microphone; each with independent 3-band EQ. The Instrument and Keyboard divisions each feature stereo ¼” input jacks, while the Micro- phone division features ¼” and XLR jacks. Also available on the Instrument and Keyboard divisions are independent stereo send and return jacks, for effects management of each individual channel. A fourth division is a Stereo Auxiliary input with volume control. The Master Control division uses an “overall” 3 band EQ, a Master volume control and a discrete Headphone jack with its own volume pot.  The unique physical design of the L-2215 design is intentional, to insure the amp will fit in any trunk, back seat or SUV to facilitate easy transportation with the integrated handles.