The Portable B-3mk2

The Ultimate Hammond B-3 for Musicians on Tour

The PORTABLE B-3, like the NEW B-3 is an exact duplication of Hammond’s Original B-3 using modern, lightweight Digital technology, and a 9-contact multi-contact “Buss Bar” keying system inspired by Mr. Hammond’s original blueprint.

For the first time the B-3 is offered in an easy-to-move cabinet  which is simple to set up and transport. This is the long-awaited “Factory Chop” Hammond players everywhere have long desired. And while the Portable B-3mk2 has the formidable construction you’d expect from a B-3, it’s much easier to move than the vintage beasts.

The playing profile (when assembled on its provided stand) is identical to an original, vintage B-3.

Malc Deakin at the Hammond Portable B-3mk2

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