The Model C-3mk2

The Hammond C-3 is the twin of the iconic B-3, save for the full hardwood cabinet. The electronics inside have been and always will be identical to the B-3. Only the cabinet is different. Some believe the C-3 has a “beefier” sound than a B-3, but that may be due to the more imposing presence of the large cabinet, compared to the “4-poster” B-3. The C-3mk2 has the same tonal engine, the same multi-contact “Buss Bar” keying system, and the same layout as the B-3mk2.
It is the ideal choice for any Church, any Studio, or any home. If you love the vintage C-3 you’ll adore the Model C-3mk2.

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Aaron Thomas is playing a Hammond B-3mk2 through a Leslie 122-xb Speaker Cabinet.

The Model C-3mk2 will sound identical.