The Model A-405

Hammond’s Praise and Worship Organ

The Hammond “A-100”, made between 1959 and 1965, brought the true Hammond sound to many smaller Churches, Chapels, Studios, and homes; due to its great sound and powerful onboard sound system.  Today, the A-405 retains the great traditional Hammond “Drawbar” Tone of its namesake, so integral to worship services of every denomination, and adds an impressive collection of “Extra Voices”, including Pianos, Electric Pianos, Orchestral Strings, Brass, Synth, Percussion and other timbres. The result is the perfect instrument for any performance. Played solo, it provides the inspirational, familiar sounds one has come to expect from a Hammond; and moves seamlessly into the ensemble of any Praise and Worship band. The A-405’s footprint will fit splendidly in a smaller setting, and its powerful onboard sound system will stir the souls as only a Hammond can. It is also the ideal instrument for your fellowship hall.

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