Keyboard Magazine sings praises of Studio 12 Model

Don Leslie’s eponymous speaker allowed the Hammond Organ’s ascent into pop music legendary, but the size and weight of its hardwood cabinet has been the bane of smaller bands in smaller venues. The new, compact, and lightweight Leslie Studio 12 has just earned a glowing review in the October 2014 issue of Keyboard Magazine. This innovative new model is about two thirds smaller and lighter than its big brothers, but keeps all the original elements. According to the review, the results are “Fantastic”. Journalist Tony Orant goes on to say the Studio 12 is “Bar none, the best sounding mini-Leslie we’ve ever heard”.

Unlike the vintage Leslies, the 100-watt Studio 12 uses common guitar cables and footswitches, allowing the speaker to be used for Hammond and other Electric Organs, Keyboards Electric and Electro-Acoustic Guitars, Violins, and Microphones. Extensive tonal controls allow the musician to tailor the sound to whatever genre is at hand.

Roadies are rejoicing everywhere, as the review calls the Studio 12 “highly portable and car-friendly”. The reviewer relates how the Studio 12 “fit in his SUV along with 3 keyboards, a pair of monitors and all the other gear a modern keyboard player needs.”

In the final analysis, Keyboard Magazine calls the Studio 12 “as practical as it is inspirational” Like the diminutive and potent Yoda of Star Wars fame, don’t judge the Leslie Studio 12 by its size. The folks at Keyboard magazine were surprised that finally, the authentic Leslie sound can be had anywhere, and with ease.

The Leslie Studio 12 is available coast-to-coast at popular musical instrument retailers.

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  • Michael Meston. Adelaide, Australia .
    Posted November 8, 2014 at 4:43 am | Permalink

    Please, please, please make an International Version of the Leslie Studio 12 compatible with 240 volts , so that it can be exported to Europe , Australia, and most of Asia and the Far East including Japan.

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