Legendary Brand Expands Product Roster

Hammond Organ announces today a new range of Keyboard Amplifiers to be marketed under their Leslie brand. Following in the footsteps of the successful Leslie 2121, these new Leslies will feature stationary speakers to accommodate all manner of keyboard and other electronic instruments. These new Leslie Keyboard amps are designed with the working player in mind.

Two models encompass the premiere release, The L2215, and the L2415. The L2215 will be shown at the Summer NAMM Expo in Nashville (July 17-19) and the L2415 will debut in the fourth quarter of 2014.

The L2215 features a 200 watt RMS/300 watt Peak solid state mono power amp with a pair of 4” mid-high drivers and a 15” woofer. The Stereo Mixer/Preamp section features 3 discrete purpose-driven input divisions: Instrument, Keyboard, and Microphone; each with independent 3-band EQ. The Instrument and Keyboard divisions each feature stereo ¼” input jacks, while the Microphone division features ¼” and XLR jacks. Also available on the Instrument and Keyboard divisions are independent Stereo Send and Return jacks, for effects management of each individual channel. A fourth division is a Stereo Auxiliary input with volume control. The Master Control division uses an “overall” 3 band EQ, a Master volume control and a discrete Headphone jack with its own volume pot.

The rear-located output division has a pair of ¼” Stereo Master jacks, and a discrete pair of balanced XLR outs with independent master (separate from the front panel master, allowing for different levels on-stage and to the House system).

The physical design of the new amp line will be unique. These models will be taller and shallower than the short, squat profiles of most keyboard amplifiers. The design is intentional, to insure the amps will fit in any automobile trunk, SUV and also to facilitate easy transportation with the integrated handles.

Projected MAP pricing for the L2215 is $649.95. Optional accessories cover & dolly

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