From Hymns to Gospel to Contemporary Christian

It is impossible to think of a Church Service without hearing the Hammond Organ singing along. It’s tradition, it’s inspiration, it’s comfort and it’s forever.

In short: It’s the SOUND, the SOUL, the ONE!

Time marches on, and the revered Vintage Hammonds of the past 80 years are now antiques. Parts for them are scarce and upkeep is expensive.
Luckily, Hammond Organ knows and respects the Church’s traditions, and offers a line of instruments that keeps those traditions, with the sounds (and looks) you have come to love, trust, and confide in. The march of time has brought new music to your Worship, and Hammond has kept pace, with the ability to jump generations with the greatest of ease.

Economic considerations are always at the forefront, and Hammond has made sure each of our instruments packs the mighty punch of the iconic B-3; from our entry level Xk-1c, clear through to the B-3mkII, a “spitting image” of the Classic Organ. Low price brings no compromise in power or quality of sound.
Many Modern Hammonds also feature voices beyond the familiar ones, those of Acoustic/Electric Pianos, Strings, Brass, and Synthesizer, to name a few; these to compliment the contemporary sounds of Worship.

Renew your faith and confidence in the King Of Instruments.

Bring a NEW Hammond home to your Church.

 Our Church Needs More Than Just An Organ…Which Sk Stage Keyboard is right?

Modern Church music has grown to encompass a wide range of styles, from “Old School” Hymns to the most progressive sonic creations. It takes a special instrument to make that generational leap.

Hammond’s Sk Stage Keyboards are the perfect fit for YOUR church.

At their heart, every Sk Keyboard features a full and genuine Hammond Organ and Digital Leslie which brings all the power and majesty of the Traditional Hammonds you’ve known forever.

The Sk’s go beyond, with a Hi-Def Acoustic Grand Piano which has set the keyboard industry on its ear. Expressive as a top Concert Grand, you access this incredible voice at the flick of a switch. Similarly, the two most useful and popular Electric Pianos and Clav are available. Orchestral Brass and Strings, Tuned Percussion, Synths and an extensive Accordion are further beneficial sounds, and that’s only scratching the surface. In addition, every Sk has 32 ranks of Digital Church Pipe Organ voices.

If you’re a Mobile church, our 15 pound Sk1 will be right. The 61-note manual (same as a B-3 keyboard) is perfect. This is also the perfect keyboard to use atop an existing Hammond, as it will add a 3rd keyboard to expand the Organ range, and it has the pianos, etc spoken of earlier.

If you need a little room to stretch out, opt for the Sk1-73, which is identical in spec, but features a 73 note keyboard. The Sk-1 88 is for the dedicated Piano player. The first Hammond to come with 88 regulation-size Piano keys, its proprietary design give you the feel of a fine Grand Piano, but allows all the sweeps and moves unique to playing the Hammond Organ.

Finally, the double-61 Sk2 can put your Pianos and Extravoices on one keyboard, and Organ on the other, or it can be played as a double keyboard organ.  The Sk2 weighs 35 pounds with a very small “footprint”.

All the Sk Stage Keyboards have the same tonal specs. Choose which keyboard configuration works best for Your Church.