John Sturk

Chicago Magic Lounge

John plays an A-100, SK-2, and SK1-88

John Sturk is the music director for the Chicago Magic Lounge, Chicago’s new home for live magic in the classic Chicago tradition. Trained in musical improv by way of venues like the Second City Training Center, iO (formerly Improv Olympic), Comedysportz, Laugh Out Loud Theater, and StoryTown, John’s unique talent for improvisation has taken him on tours throughout the Midwest.

In addition to his talent at the keys, John also excels as an award-winning sleight-of-hand magician, employing the same fast fingers he uses on the keyboards to dazzle his audiences on stage, and close-up at their seats!

John is a native of Plymouth, Michigan, and graduate of Michigan State University. He has lived in Chicago since 2007.

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